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Upside Down (French: Un monde à l'envers) is a 2012 Canadian-French romantic fantasy created and routed by Juan Diego Solanas, starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst.
The movie begins with Adam informing the story of his two-planet residence world, distinct from other earths or global systems as it is the only one that has "twin gravitational force". This sensation of dual gravitational force enables the two worlds to orbit each various other in exactly what would otherwise be impossibly close proximity. There are 3 unalterable legislations of gravity for this two-planet system:

All issue is pulled by the gravitation of the world that it comes from, and not the other.
An object's weight can be countered using matter from the other world (inverse issue).
After a few hours of get in touch with, matter touching inverse issue burns.
The societies of the two globes are segregated by regulation. While the upper world (Up Top) is rich and flourishing, the reduced (Down Listed below) is poor. Up Leading buys cheap oil from Down Below as well as sells electrical power back to Down Below at higher prices. An individual from Down Listed below rising Leading (or having contact with anyone from Up Top) is purely forbidden and could be culpable by imprisonment or death. People from Up Top frequently see Down Listed below to experience uniqueness like dance on ceilings. The only physical link connecting the two globes is the headquarters of the "TransWorld" service.

Adam lives in an orphanage in Down, having shed his moms and dads in an oil refinery explosion. The only living relative he has is his great-aunt, which he checks out weekly. His great-aunt has a secret dish for flying pancakes utilizing plant pollen from pink bees which collect pollen from both globes. The dish has actually passed through generations as well as will certainly be acquired by Adam.

As a child, Adam secretly climbs a hill that obtains really near to Up. There he meets Eden, a girl from Up. Years later on in their teenagers, they remain in a connection. They fulfill on the hills and Adam utilizes a rope to pull Eden towards Down, and they visit the woods for a walk. They are later uncovered, as well as while Adam hysterically launches Eden back to her globe, he catches a bullet in his arm and also drops her. Helpless, he watches Eden existing stationary on the ground as blood exudes from her head. When he returns house, his auntie Becky is apprehended and also her home is propounded the torch.

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10 years later, Adam is now working with producing an anti-gravity item using his great-aunt's recipe. The dish permits issue to feel both gravitational fields at the same time. Adam is developing it as a cosmetic product for face-lifts. Then he sees Eden on TV and learns she is alive and workings from TransWorld. He lastly works out his formula as well as gets hired by TransWorld to create the face-lift lotion. Adam's strategy is to locate Eden in TransWorld. In his workplace he satisfies Bob, a TransWorld staff member from Up who becomes his pal after he aids him get uncommon stamps from Down. Bob offers to assist him contact Eden.

With the help of Bob, Adam fulfills Eden by putting Up-material in his clothing to disguise himself as a worker from Up, utilizing Bob's name as his own. But Eden doesn't identify him as a result of memory loss from the mishap as a teen. The Up-material in Adam's clothing begins to melt so he has to return to Down. In the future, Bob is fired but as he leaves, he privately provides Adam his ID to help him go out the TransWorld building and into Up. Later on, by calling Eden through Bob's phone, Adam manages to get a day.
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