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Heartbreaker (French: L'Arnacœur) is a 2010 French enchanting funny movie starring Romain Duris, Vanessa Paradis, Julie Ferrier, François Damiens and Andrew Lincoln.
The mass of the story takes place in Monaco. Enchanting appealing Alex (Romain Duris), his sister Mélanie (Julie Ferrier), and also her hubby Marc (François Damiens), run a distinct business for concerned third-party customers-- breaking up partnerships, yet only where the female is "not purposefully dissatisfied." The triad create fancy, custom-made, as well as often pricey ruses to deceive the females. After each lady has succumbed to his act, Alex informs her she has actually made him come to life once again, yet that it is far too late for him. The women presumably leave their partnerships to seek males that make them feel the means Alex has.

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They are worked with by a rich guy (Jacques Frantz), who is a floral designer and also mobster, to avoid the wedding event of his daughter Juliette (Vanessa Paradis) to a rich Englishman of which he does not authorize, Jonathan (Andrew Lincoln). The main issue is that they only have ten days to do so prior to the wedding event. The job is even more complicated because, after doing a great deal of research, the couple appear to be truly in love and also definitely excellent for each and every various other. They likewise could not locate the normal "problems" in the couple that they use to cause splits. So, in the beginning, Alex turns down the task, yet, enormously in the red to a shylock with his own luxurious investing on the business, he is pressed right into putting aside his honourable concepts to finish the relatively impossible task with just five days till the wedding.

Alex ends up being Juliette's 'bodyguard' in order to get close and also constant accessibility to her. While on duty, Alex finds out things that Juliette suches as well as claims to like these things also to excite her; several of these points consist of the movie Dirty Dancing, Roquefort cheese and the songs of George Michael. At some point both develop feelings for each various other however the very early arrival of Jonathan interferes with Alex's accessibility to Juliette. The night before the wedding, Juliette is restless, and she and Alex slip out and have a remarkable time, consisting of recreating the 'climactic lift' scene from Dirty Dancing, and early the next morning Juliette admits her feelings for him. Alex begins his usual manuscript but, knowing he could not be with her after exactly how he has deceived her, quickly transforms it and claims she should hire wed.

The next day, as the team leave the hotel, Marc accidentally drops Juliette's instance report in front of her. Seeing the surveillance images as well as her background details, she recognizes her dad has employed Alex to aim to quit the wedding event. At the flight terminal Mélanie, after meticulously observing the 'happening' the last numerous days, chides Alex for bowing out actual love to return to an empty life of phony temptation. He runs toward the wedding from the flight terminal.
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