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fullmetal alchemist brotherhood film

Edward and Alphonse Elric stay in the rural community of Resembool with their mom Trisha as well as their dad Van Hohenheim, the last having actually left house for an unidentified factor. When Trisha passes away of the plague, the brothers do the prohibited alchemic strategy of human transmutation in an attempt to resurrect her. As a result, the transmutation backfires as well as in legislation with equal exchange, Edward's left leg and also Alphonse's entire body are damaged. Edward compromises his right arm to rescue Alphonse's heart, binding it to a suit of armor with a blood seal. Edward is invited by Roy Horse to become a State Alchemist to study a method to bring back Alphonse's body. Edward does well, becoming the Fullmetal Alchemist, the title based on his prosthetic automail limbs and usage of alchemy involving steel materials.

3 years on, the Elrics look for the mythical Theorist's Stone to attain their goals. They are targeted by Scar, an Ishbalan serial killer who murders State Alchemists, and their encounter with him compeling them to return to Resembool to have their bodies fixed by their youth buddy and also technician, Winry Rockbell. The Elrics fulfill Dr. Marcoh, a reclusive former State Alchemist who produced Thinker's Stones during the Ishbalan civil war. Marcoh sends them to find his notes, but they discover the key ingredient making the Stone is human sacrifices. Reaching a stumbling block many thanks to the Homunculi, the Elrics visit fulfill their alchemy educator Izumi Curtis. Maes Hughes, Horse's close friend, continues their research, however is shot dead by a disguised Envy for discovering the Homunculi's strategies.

Visiting Izumi, the Elrics discover she devoted human transmutation on her stillborn child. Alphonse is recorded by the rogue homunculus Greed, however is rescued by Amestris' president King Bradley, disclosed to be the Homunculus Wrath. Greed is as a result melted down by as well as reabsorbed within the Homunculi's maker Papa. The Elrics and Winry return to Central City to check out Hughes but learn of his death. Lieutenant Maria Ross is framed for Hughes' murder, but is seemingly killed by Mustang. Nonetheless, Edward learns Ross' fatality was presented so Horse could smuggle her out of the country to Xing, aided by Xingese royal prince Lin Yao. On the other hand, Mark forms a tiny band with former soldier Yoki, Xingese princess May Chang, and also later Dr. Marcoh. Edward reunites with Hohenheim yet dislikes him for his lengthy lack from house.

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As the tale advances, the lead characters come across the Homunculi continuously. Longing is eliminated by Horse; Gluttony is recorded by Horse and also Lin, but he ends up ingesting Edward, Lin, and Envy into his void-like stomach. Gluttony takes Alphonse to meet Daddy, yet when the others leave from Gluttony's tummy, Father turns Lin right into a Homunculus, particularly the new incarnation of Greed. The Elrics are launched to proceed their mission as long as they don't oppose Papa.

The Elrics go to north Amestris where they educate the soldiers of Ft Briggs of the conspiracy theories in Central. Discovering a below ground tunnel underneath Briggs, the Elrics and General Olivier Armstrong discover Papa has been creating an all over the country transmutation circle as well as thinkings to sacrifice its consumers so he can rise to godhood. The Elrics are compelled to collaborate with Solf J. Kimblee to find Scar with Winry as a captive. They learn Scar's sibling created a new sort of alchemy to combat Daddy, leading them to collaborate and also go on the run from the armed forces, though Edward is left behind to draw away Kimblee. Greed reclaims his past self's memories and also betrays Father, coordinating with Edward, Kimblee's chimera minions, as well as later on Hohenheim. Hohenheim reveals to his boys individually that he is immortal, became a living Theorist's Rock by Father four-hundred years earlier.

The Promised Day gets there as well as Father prepares to start his strategy using an eclipse and those that attempted human transmutation as his vital sacrifices. The many protagonists battle Papa's minions, with a lot of the Homunculi dying. Papa triggers the nationwide transmutation after the Elrics, Izumi, Hohenheim, as well as a forced Mustang are collected as the triggers. Nevertheless, Hohenheim and Scar trigger countermeasures to conserve the Amestrians. Papa is faced over milled where the protagonists battle him to use down his Thinker's Stone, yet Greed is damaged by Father.

Alphonse, whose armor is almost damaged during the final battle against Dad, sacrifices his spirit to retrieve Edward's best arm, that in turn ruins Father's Philosopher's Rock, writing him back to the spiritual Gateway of Reality. Edward compromises his ability to execute alchemy to recover Alphonse's heart and soul. Hohenheim check outs Trisha's grave where he passes away with a smile. A number of months later, Edward and Alphonse return house where they are reunited with Winry, though they both leave home two years later on to check out the globe.
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