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Les Maîtres du temps (lit. The Masters of Time, a.k.a. Time Masters, Az idő urai in Hungarian) is a 1982 Franco-Hungarian computer animated science fiction attribute film directed by René Laloux and also made by Mœbius. It is based on the 1958 science fiction unique L'Orphelin de Perdide (The Orphan of Perdide) by Stefan Wul. [1]
The movie centres on a kid, Piel, who is stranded on Perdide, a desert earth where large killer hornets live. He waits for rescue by the area aviator Jaffar, the banished prince Matton, his sister Belle and also Jaffar's old pal Silbad who are trying to reach Perdide and save Piel before it is late.
A man named Claude is driving a six-wheeled, insect-like vehicle over the desert surface of Perdide quite fast. He tries to communicate with Jaffar, claiming that "they struck" and that "Annie is dead." After a crash that wrecks his car, he lets his child Piel below the wreck; he can not extricate himself. Piel is too young to understand the red and white, ovoid interstellar transceiver that Claude hands him. So Claude informs him that it is called "Mike" and will certainly talk to him, as well as to do whatever Mike tells him to do, yet initially to run to a coral-like forest and stay within it. After Piel has gotten to the woodland, the collapsed automobile explodes.

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Jaffar is piloting a space probe, the Dual Triangle 22. He plans to reach Perdide by being pulled along by the gravitational area of heaven Comet. However he's numerous planetary systems away, and also does not go straight to Perdide or the Blue Comet. Instead he movings towards a planet where his good friend Silbad lives, as Silbad has experience of living on Perdide. Jaffar's guests, Prince Matton as well as his sister, Princess Belle, have been deposed from their world; they bring with them a prize the Prince took along to fund his reconstruction. Matton is never delighted concerning being diverted and also makes no effort to conceal his annoyance; throughout he is portrayed as a careless, conceited and dishonest person.

Each get in touches with Piel with the transceiver; when they meet Silbad, he sings Piel a tune as well, as does the Princess. Whilst on Silbad's planet, they witness the transformation of a water-lily like organism into dozens of empathic, sentient, key coloured homunculi, two of whom, called Yula as well as Jad, stow away on Jaffar's space capsule seeking journey. Unidentified to the Prince, Yula and also Jad play with and afterwards get rid of the treasure by means of the airlock.
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