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Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie is a 2002 American-British computer-animated funny journey musical film, based upon VeggieTales, produced by Big Idea, Inc. and F.H.E. Photo. The film premiered on August 14, 2002 at a Hollywood theater as well as appeared as a regular launch 2 months later, on October 4, 2002. It is the very first feature-length film in the VeggieTales series. The movie also appeared on VHS and DVD on March 4, 2003 as a globally residence video clip launch in both full-screen as well as widescreen.

The themes for the film are empathy and also grace. The movie weaves two tales with each other to show these concepts. The initial happens in the existing day as well as worries an incident that occurs en route to a show. The second, set in old Israel, is based directly on the scriptural story of Jonah. Through both tales visitors learn that they need to be thoughtful and merciful which all individuals deserve a 2nd opportunity.

This movie includes the prominent "Pirates That Don't Do Anything" in both segments. They were first seen in the Foolish Track of the exact same name in Quite Ridiculous Tracks! and also later on organized The Ultimate Silly Tune Countdown.

The majority of the animation was done in residence by Big Idea Productions.
Bob the Tomato is driving Dad Asparagus and several of the Veggie youngsters to see the popular singer "Twippo" jointly. At the same time, Laura Carrot is ridiculing the other kids because she won a backstage pass. Her taunting makes Father Asparagus accidentally struck Bob, who loses control of the car. Laura sheds her backstage pass as the vehicle blows up and careens down a hillside, cutting short of a river.

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In a close-by restaurant, Bob criticizes Dad Asparagus for crashing the vehicle, and Junior points the finger at Laura. Junior, sitting at a table alone is met by the Pirates Who Do not Do Anything, who say that he is difficult on his pal and encourage him to present to some compassion. To show, they begin to talk the Veggies a story.

Jonah is a Prophet from Israel who goes from town to community providing God's messages. One night, God asks him to leave Israel as well as provide a message to Nineveh, a harsh as well as unsafe city in Assyria, as well as understood for behaving terribly as well as slapping others with fishes. Jonah stresses and also aims to flee from the Lord. He visits his travel agent, Angus, who tells him that the farthest he can obtain from Nineveh is Tarshish. He asks the Pirates in the harbor to take him to Tarshish. They resist, yet Jonah encourages them by paying them. En route, a guilt-stricken Jonah goes below deck to rest. There, he meets Khalil the Caterpillar, a taking a trip Persian carpet salesman.
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