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Brother Bear is a 2003 American animated adventure comedy-drama film generated by Walt Disney Function Animation as well as launched by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the 44th animated attribute in the Walt Disney Animated Standards series. In the movie, an Inuit child called Kenai goes after a bear in vengeance for a fight that he provoked in which his oldest bro Sitka is killed. He locates the bear as well as eliminates it, however the Spirits, outraged by this unnecessary fatality, modification Kenai right into a bear himself as penalty. [2] In order to be human again, Kenai should learn how to translucent one more's eyes, really feel via another's heart, and discover the definition of brotherhood.

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The film was the 3rd as well as last Disney animated function produced mainly by the Function Animation studio at Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida; the studio was shut down in March 2004, not long after the launch of this film in favor of computer system animated attributes. The film got an Academy Give election for Ideal Computer animated Feature, but lost to another Walt Disney Photo launch, Pixar's Searching for Nemo. A direct-to-video follow up, Brother Bear 2, was released on August 29, 2006.
The movie is embeded in a post-ice age The United States and Canada, where the neighborhood tribesmen think all creatures are created through the Spirits, who are stated to show up through an aurora. 3 brothers (Kenai, the youngest sibling; Denahi, the center bro; as well as Sitka, the eldest sibling) go back to their tribe in order for Kenai to obtain his totem, a locket in the shape of a pet. The animal it represents signifies just what he needs to attain to call himself a guy. Unlike Sitka, that obtained the eagle of support, as well as Denahi, who acquired the wolf of wisdom, Kenai obtains the bear of love. He objects to this, mentioning that bears are thieves, and also believes his point is made a fact when a bear takes some salmon. Kenai and also his siblings seek the bear, however a battle follows on a glacier, throughout which Sitka provides his life to conserve his bros, although the bear endures. Vengeful, Kenai leaves to avenge Sitka. He chases after the bear up into a mountain and also kills it. The Spirits, stood for by Sitka's spirit through a hairless eagle, transform Kenai into a bear after the dead bear's body vanishes. Denahi arrives, misinterpreting Kenai as dead, as well as believing the bear is responsible, swears to avenge Kenai by hunting it down.
Kenai falls down some rapids, survives, as well as is healed by Tanana, the medicine man of Kenai's tribe. She does not talk the bear language, but advises him to go back to the mountain to discover Sitka and also be reversed to typical, yet only when he fixes exactly what he had actually done; she goes away without a description. Kenai quickly uncovers the wildlife could talk, fulfilling 2 sibling moose, Rutt and also Tuke. He gets captured in a trap, but is freed by a friendly bear cub named Koda. They make a deal: Kenai will certainly opt for Koda to a neighboring salmon run and after that the cub will certainly lead Kenai to the mountain. As the two at some point form a sibling-like bond, Koda exposes that his mother is missing out on. The two are pursued by Denahi, that is still identified to avenge Kenai, uninformed that the bear he is going after is in fact Kenai. Eventually, Kenai and Koda get to the salmon run, where a large number of bears live as a family members, including the leader Pull, a grizzly bear. Kenai adjusts to his environments and also ends up being material with dealing with the other bears. During a discussion among the bears, Koda tells a story concerning his mother fighting human hunters, making Kenai realize that the bear he killed was Koda's mother.
Guilty and also alarmed, Kenai runs away, however Koda soon finds him. Kenai discloses the truth to Koda, that runs away, grief-stricken. An apologetic Kenai leaves to get to the mountain. Rutt and also Tuke, having had a falling out, change their brotherhood before Koda, motivating him to pursue Kenai. Denahi challenges Kenai on the mountain, yet their fight is interrupted by Koda, that takes Denahi's hunting pike. Kenai visits Koda's help out of love, motivating Sitka to appear as well as turn him back right into a human, much to Denahi and also Koda's surprise. Nonetheless, Kenai asks Sitka to change him back into a bear so he could stick with Koda. Sitka complies, and also Koda is reunited briefly with the spirit of his mother, prior to she and Sitka go back to the Spirits. In the long run, Kenai lives with the rest of the bears as well as gains his title as a man, through being a bear.
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