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A Madea Christmas is a Christmas funny film routed, composed, generated by and also starring Tyler Perry. This is the initial Xmas themed film from the writer-director; and adjusted from his play of the exact same name. This is the seventeenth movie by Perry, and also the 7th in the Madea franchise. It was launched in theaters on December 13, 2013.
In Atlanta, Georgia Mabel "Madea" Simmons (Tyler Perry) has been chatted right into getting a task at a regional store by her great-niece Eileen Murphy (Anna Maria Horsford). Madea obtains fed up with the customers as well as starts talking rudely, triggering herself to obtain discharged on her first day. She then requests her paycheck, but her boss informs her they will certainly mail it. Exasperated, Madea takes a dress as well as some cash from the sales register, after that leaves.

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Meanwhile, Eileen's little girl, Lacey Williams (Tika Sumpter), who is working as a teacher at a tiny college in Alabama, has many problems on her hands: the school does not have enough cash to money its yearly Xmas Jubilee. This agitates the townsfolk, hence pressuring Lacey to have her ex-boyfriend, Oliver (J.R. Lemon), fund the school via his company. Lacey additionally desires among her pupils, Bailey McCoy (Noah Urrea) to sing in the Christmas Jubilee. Stuck with several problems to deal with, she informs her mother that she will not be able to get back for Christmas. Eileen, identified to see her little girl for Christmas, makes a decision to pay Lacey a shock go to. She brings Madea, that is reluctant in the beginning, with her, as well as has Oliver, who is on his means with a contract for the sponsorship, as their trip, as Eileen feels that Lacey and Oliver could still be a couple. The triad after that visit Alabama, where Lacey lives. Adhering to a short confrontation with the Ku Klux Klan, the trio ultimately make it to Alabama. This makes things uncomfortable, considering that Lacey was not anticipating her mother to come see her, and Eileen has actually never desired Lacey to wed a white guy. Lacey is married to a white man named Connor Williams (Eric Lively), and also has made her mother believe that Connor is the "ranch help" at her house.

Lacey visits the meeting with the school principal, Oliver, and also the community mayor to review the contract for Oliver's reps' sponsorship of the jubilee. While she is out, Madea takes care of Lacey's course. Bailey walks into the class late as well as informs Madea his name. The class bully, who Bailey normally rests right next to, tells him not to rest right next to her because of that he is very filthy from aiding his papa, Tanner McCoy (Chad Michael Murray), a male that has actually harassed Lacey's husband Connor ever since they were both youngsters, work on their ranch prior to college. Another lady tells Bailey that he better hope that Lacey comes back since she is the only teacher at the institution who likes him. Madea determines the two girls to knock it off which they should learn how to be better to individuals. When Madea turns around to compose her name on the blackboard, the course bully steals her handbag. Madea determines the students a contemporary version of the tale of the very first Xmas, in order to maintain the course active. When Madea understands that a person stole her handbag, she tries to then determine the children the story of Easter, yet then loses her solidify half method through the tale and also needs that somebody find her purse. Meanwhile, with the agreement polished over as well as signed, the town as well as college currently have the money they require. Lacey after that prepares to go back to her class, but is disturbed by Oliver, that gives her a kiss. While she attempts to determine Oliver that she is married and also has no interest in coming back along with him, her and the concept find that Madea has actually tied the woman that swiped her bag to the cross decoration in the classroom.
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