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Children of Heaven (Persian: بچه های آسمان, Bacheha-ye Aseman) is a 1997 Iranian household dramatization film composed and also routed by Majid Majidi. It handles a sibling and also sis and their journeys over a shed set of footwears. It was chosen for the Academy Award for Best International Language Film in 1998.
The movie starts with Ali bring his little sibling Zahra's pink shoes after a cobbler has actually repaired them. He leaves them ignored to acquire some potatoes. While he is pre-occupied, a homeless man gets the shoes, concealed in a bag, believing it was garbage as well as takes them away. Frantic to discover them, the young child thinking the shoes fell behind the pet crates knocks over plates of vegetables and also is repelled by the grocer.

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Ali's family stays in an inadequate South Tehran area, and also are having economic difficulty, so he fears to tell his parents regarding the incident. The property owner suggests with Ali's mother due to the fact that she is five months behind on the rental fee, and also the grocer has actually not been paid in a while either. Ali tells Zahra about the footwears and pleads her not to inform their mother; she agrees. That evening, Ali's papa scolds him for not helping his unwell mother when she asked. While the brother or sisters were doing their research, they passed notes to each other discussing exactly what to do. They develop a plan to share Ali's Reverse sneakers: Zahra will certainly use them to institution in the early morning and return them to Ali at midday so he could go to mid-day classes. Ali succeeds on an examination and his instructor honors him a gold-colored pen with the others in his class that obtained great qualities; he gives it to Zahra to partially offset losing her shoes. Nonetheless, the awkward plan between him and his sibling causes Ali being late 3 times in a row, despite how hard he runs; the first time the principal disregards him, the second time he offers him a warning, the third time he informs Ali to leave and also return with his daddy who is at job aiming to generate income. Ali's instructor seeing Ali's rips convinces the principal that Ali is at the top of his class as well as to give the child another possibility and let him back into course.

Someday, Zahra notifications her missing pink footwears on an additional pupil, Roya's, feet. After course, Zahra secretly complies with Roya residence. She later on brings Ali with her for a fight, but from hiding, they find that Roya's papa, the garbageman, is blind, so they decide to leave. When Roya does well in her researches, her dad acquires her brand-new blue footwears and also gets rid of Zahra's. Zahra is puzzled when she discovers from her brand-new friend.

Ali's daddy, nervous to gain more cash, borrows some gardening devices as well as heads off with Ali to the rich suburbs of North Tehran to find some horticulture work. They attempt many places without success, though Ali confirms to be an excellent aid to his tongue-tied dad. Lastly, they bump into a mansion in which a six-year-old kid identifieded as Alireza lives under the treatment of his grandfather. While Ali plays with Alireza, his father functions. When he is completed, Ali's dad is surprised and elated by exactly how charitable the grandpa is. On the way home, Ali states in passing that Zahra might make use of a brand-new pair of footwears; his father claims that brand-new footwears for his children is a good idea, nonetheless, their elation is short lived as their bicycle's brakes fail and also the dad is hurt in the resulting crash.

Finally, Ali learns of a prominent kids's 4 kilometer footrace including several institutions; the third reward is one week at a holiday camp and also a pair of sneakers. Ali sees this as his opportunity to earn a new set of shoes for Zahra. To his bitter dissatisfaction, in a hard-fought dashboard to the surface, he mistakenly puts initial instead. Ali returns residence where Zahra is waiting for him. However, before he could expose to his sibling his dissatisfaction in his positioning in the race, she is called away by their mother. In a separate scene, there is a fast shot of the kids's daddy's bike as he's riding house, presenting to a set of white and a pair of pink footwears among his purchases. In the last shot, Ali is dejected as his tennis shoes are torn from the race-- he is after that presented to dipping his bare blistered feet in a swimming pool.

Some versions include an epilogue revealing that Ali ultimately accomplishes success in a racing job.
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