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The Fast and the Furious (additionally called Fast & Furious) is an American franchise consisting of a collection of action movies, which center around illegal street racing and heists, and also numerous other media portraying the characters and also scenarios from the movies. Distributed by Universal Pictures, the series was set up with the 2001 film titled The Quick and also the Furious; complied with by 6 sequels, 2 short films that link right into the collection, and also as of Could 2015, [1] it has become Universal's largest franchise business of all time.
The film is based on a write-up, labelled "Racer X", concerning New york city street clubs that race Japanese autos late during the night, although the film is established mainly in Los Angeles. While elite street racer and also ex-convict Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and also his team: Jesse (Chad Lindberg), Leon (Johnny Solid), Vince (Matt Schulze) and also Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), are on trial of swiping pricey digital devices by pirating moving vehicles, Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) is an undercover law enforcement officer who attempts to learn who precisely is taking the equipment. He helps FBI agent Bilkins (Thom Barry) and LAPD Sgt. Tanner (Ted Levine).

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Succumbing to Dominic's younger sibling, Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster), Brian later admits to her his condition as a covert police officer as well as encourages her to come with him to save her sibling as well as his close friends from the common carrier, that have actually currently armed themselves to combat the robberies. He tracks Dominic's place by triangulating his cellular phone indicator and also they reach the pirating in-progress to discover Letty, terribly injured at the vehicle crash, as well as Vince critically injured, having actually lacerated his arm as well as been fired by the truck driver. Brian and Mia interact with Dominic, Leon and also Letty to save Vince. Brian then makes the tough choice to blow his cover to the crew by phoning in for a medivac. The revelation enrages Dominic, leaving with Leon, Letty, and also Mia as the medivac gets there for Vince.

Brian soon follows Dominic to his residence and also holds him at gunpoint to prevent him from running away even more. Jesse arrives soon afterwards, excusing his activities at Race Wars and also advocating Dominic's help with Johnny Tran (Rick Yune). Minutes later, Tran as well as his cousin Lance Nguyen (Reggie Lee) execute a drive-by capturing, eliminating Jesse. Brian as well as Dominic chase them, with Dominic driving his late father's changed 1970 Dodge Wall charger. Dominic forces Lance's motorcycle off the road, severely injuring him, while Brian fires as well as eliminates Tran. Afterwards, Brian as well as Dominic engage in an unplanned road race, directly staying clear of a passing train. Nevertheless, Dominic hits a semitruck and also rolls his vehicle two times, hurting himself, as well as providing the Battery charger undrivable. Rather than jailing him, Brian turn over the tricks to his Supra and also allows Dominic retreat, using the line "I owe you a ten-second auto".
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