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Dr. Dolittle 2 is a 2001 American comedy movie, and the sequel to the 1998 film Dr. Dolittle. The film once again stars Eddie Murphy in the title role of a medical professional that could talk with pets, along with Raven-Symoné as his child. It was created by Larry Levin, one of the co-writers of Dr. Dolittle (Hugh Lofting, the author of the original Doctor Dolittle novels, is additionally attributed as an author), and also directed by Steve Carr.

In the film, Dr. Dolittle tries to assist the animals safeguard their woodland from deceitful human designers. He makes a decision to inhabit the woodland with a species of pet that the regulation shields, as well as gets the aid of Ava (voiced by Lisa Kudrow), an only Pacific western bear living in the condemned forest. To offer her with a friend, Dolittle looks to Archie (voiced by Steve Zahn), a wise-cracking circus-performing bear.

This is the last Dr. Dolittle film to include Eddie Murphy in the lead role, before Kyla Pratt became the lead role in future films, beginning with Dr. Dolittle 3 in 2006. It is likewise the last Dr. Dolittle movie to feature Eddie Murphy as Dr. Dolittle, and Raven-Symoné as Charisse Dolitte.
Lucky the pet (Norm Macdonald) discusses Dr. John Dolittle's (Eddie Murphy) gift of talking to animals. John gets back from France as well as gives his partner an existing from Paris. He additionally offers his daughter, Maya (Kyla Pratt), a chameleon, called Pepito.

Likewise, Charisse's (Raven-Symoné) sixteenth birthday celebration is coming today. She was likewise not doing well in her courses. As a penalty, her dad takes her phone away. Later, Charisse's guy, Eric (Lil' Zane), comes as well as chooses to sign up with the family members at the birthday celebration event. A possum (voice of Isaac Hayes) as well as a raccoon, Joey (voice of Michael Rapaport), determine the doctor that their employer, the Godbeaver, intends to see him.

He satisfies the Godbeaver (voice of Richard C. Sarafian) that shows him that the woodland is being cut down. John prepares to save the forest to obtain a jeopardized lady Pacific western bear together with a man to conserve their species.

At a circus, John attempts to get Archie, the surviving male participant in his types, to go out right into the forest to teach him to end up being an actual bear. Hesitantly, he concurs however John understands that Archie doesn't know just what sort of bear he is as well as never acts as a genuine pet. Then, after taking his family on a vacation to the woodland for the rest of the month, John makes a deal with Ava to not make any decisions for the month and promised to turn Archie right into somebody she will certainly love.

While he unsuccessfully educates Archie, John hires the local forest animals making an effort to quit Charisse and also Eric from constructing. Yet during the training, he ignores Lisa for the following couple of days. After that, John tells Archie that he will find a means win Ava's heart.

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Every animal in the forest sees as John dances with Lisa, and as the two effort to embrace, Fortunate unintentionally strikes it. Archie attempts to get Ava's interest by singing her a track while imitating John in a smooth voice and also on a tree branch, yet blows his effort when he is as well heavy for the branch to hold and also he falls down.

Archie chooses not to appear of his new-found cave as a result of embarrassing himself in front of Ava. Archie announces that it was tough however John recognizes just how tough it is when his partner grows mad at him. Irritated with John's disrespects, Archie strikes John, making him fall on a muddy hole, as well as he begins to listen to his "inner bear". Later, he spends the rest of the day with Ava, whose connection with Sonny isn't extremely well.

Lucky efforts to win the love of an attractive women wolf (though throughout the movie, Fortunate efforts to get her focus 2 times yet both are unsuccessful). This effort was successful as Fortunate urinates around her area and also she will go out with him yet among her packmates came as well as locates Lucky peing component of the pack's area and they leave, much to Lucky's dismay. On the various other hand, Ava is required to leave Archie by Sonny (voice of Mike Epps).
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